Rub It In

D helped me prep a London Broil for dinner, and we realized another great way to get kids involved. Spice rubs are a great choice that satisfies a kid’s desire to help cooking and offers a chance to get fingers dirty. D loved the idea of putting the rub all over the meat before putting it in the oven.

He’s turning into my spice king.  As Dad watches his sodium intake, D works on seasoning both meat and vegetables.  Whether throwing a few pinches of sage onto some green beans or using a salt-free blend, D manages to bump up the flavors on what could be an ordinary meal.

J steps up to fill in wherever needed.  Trying to grab particular ingredients?  He’ll beat you there.  Ask him for anything, and he’s there.  He’s even cleaning up spills before most of us even know they’re there.  A jack of all trades, and that’s a huge asset to have in the kitchen.

A chance to get dirty while helping? Perfect combo!

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